Williamsburg Public School opened in September, 2007.  Our motto states that we are very committed to student learning and to developing a caring community where all students feel welcWilliamsburg Mottoome and have a sense of belonging. We are home to over 800 students, many of whom can speak more than one language! The diversity of our community is something that we value and appreciate.

Williamsburg Public School serves the Williamsburg community located in southwest Kitchener. The school name was submitted and chosen to honour the area’s history. The southwest Kitchener location of the school was settled by pioneers as early as the 1830s and the children went to Williamsburg School Section No. 7. Families of this area attended the school for well over 100 years. The school name helps to reinforce “the story” of the area and create an overall identity for the Williamsburg Town Centre as a neighbourhood with a rich historical meaning.

Our school mascot, FLARE, is a winged dragon who often makes appearances at our monthly assemblies where our students help us to focus on these important traits. We are proud of all our students, “The Williamsburg Wings” and are committed to helping them reach their full potential.

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